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Abbis Mahmoud

Founder & CEO

Abbis Mahmoud, Founder and CEO of Dreammind Hospitality Group, is the mastermind behind Med Supper Club. His passion for luxury and commitment to excellence shine through every detail, creating an unmatched culinary experience. Step into the world of Med Supper Club, where Abbis's vision transforms fine dining into an art.


Ed Rafid

Creative Director

As Creative Director at Dreammind Hospitality Group, Ed Rafid is the creative mind behind the Med Supper Club brand identity. Ed works closely with Abbis Mahmoud, infusing each detail with creativity and sophistication. With a focus on VIP events and brand management, Ed ensures a personalized and elevated experience for our distinguished guests. 

Ilon Tyan

Director of Marketing

Ilon Tyan, a Director of Marketing at Dreammind Group, is the visionary strategist and creative force behind the Med Supper Club. Ilon navigates the dynamic landscape of hospitality and entertainment, making Med Supper Club a destination for those seeking an unparalleled Mediterranean dining experience.

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